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focus on faces
January 20, 2009. Guardian Express

Inglewood photographer Jillian Ciemitis has captured the faces and internal journey of local identities to compile her first solo exhibition.

features an array of moody images of leading lights in their field, including award winning saxophonist Troy Roberts, legendary blues musician Matt Taylor, painter Kevin McCabe and creative personality Vicki Chisari.

Ciemitis said the show’s title, Tide, referred to the ebb and flow people experience throughout their life, and the works set out to capture the internal journey of her subjects.

“The pieces I have chosen for Tide represent an emotional narrative of that tempestuous journey,” she said.

I have always been a keen observer, a people watcher, interested in people’s stories as they unfold.”

The big, framed photographs of Tide will be on show in the heritage surroundings of Ellis House in Bayswater from January 22 to February 8.

Reproduced by permission