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"Collateral Exhibition of Venice Biennale", Italy
 May, 2017 to Nov, 2017

Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis will be two of the 40 international artists included in the "Time Space Existence" exhibition. Organised by MIFFA (MEADOWS International Fine Artists), the event is interlinked with the Venice Biennale program of 2017. More details to come. The exhibition opens May 13, 2017 and is on until Nov, 2017.

Venice Biennale Peter Ciemitis Jillian Ciemitis

Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis exhibit at Collateral Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy


"G20 Summit Art Exhibition", Hangzhou, China  October, 2016

In October 2016, Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis represented Australia at the G20 International Art Exhibition in Hangzhou, China. This short film tells the story of the Exhibition, which featured over 60 international artists invited from the twenty G20 countries: 

WATCH short film here

G20 Summit Exhibition 2016 Hangzhou China Peteris Ciemitis Jillian Ciemitis

Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis exhibit at the "G20 Summit Art Exhibition", Hangzhou, China


Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan January, 2016

Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis are both participating in the 15th International Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Organised by Kokusai Shoga Koryukai, the exhibition opens Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Jillian Ciemitis Peteris Ciemitis Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis exhibit at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japan


"Fremantle Centre Print Awards 2015"
September 25 to November 15, 2015

Jillian Ciemitis has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award. The award is Australia’s richest and most prestigious print award, which celebrated  40 years of presenting the best in printmaking from established, emerging and cross-disciplinary artists.

jillian ciemitis fremantle centre print awards finalist 2015

"Aperto" Screen print by Jillian Ciemitis


"On the Silk Journey to Art" Beijing, China
September 2015

In  September 2015, Peteris Ciemitis was invited to represent Australia at the "Silk Journey to Art" world tour exhibition at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing. The exhibition featured three major pieces of his works, along with over 30 other International artists to provide an overview of global arts perspectives. Amongst the many events, participating artists spoke at an exhibition conference and provided a precis of their arts praxis to a gathered audience of eminent artists, curators and critics.

Watch Peter's presentation here

peter ciemitis presentation at Silk Journey Exhibition 2015 Beijing China

Peteris Ciemitis presents a praxis overview at the China Millennium Monument, Beijing


"Qindao Biennale", China
September 22 to November 22, 2014

Peter is currently in China after being invited to participate in the inaugual Art Biennale in Qingdao.

More details at

age of anxiety painting by peteris ciemitis

"Discontent in the Age of Anxiety" by Peteris Ciemitis


"These Trees are (NUMBERED)" Exhibition
August, 2014

After extensive collaboration, Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis produced a body of work on exhibition at the Gallery, Ellenbrook. "Numbered" reflects upon the possessive and complex relationship that citizens have with urban trees, and sees them presented in dissected and disembodied forms.

The exhibition will be opened by ABC presenter Sabrina Hahn on Sunday August 10, at 3pm and will be followed on Sunday 17, by an artist floor talk.

Read more about the exhibition and associated events.

more information

watch "NUMBERED" video HERE

Numbered ink drawing by Peteris Ciemitis

"Numbered" ink drawing by Peteris Ciemitis

Numbered Exhibition Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis photograph by Kathryn Yipp

"Numbered" Exhibition by Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis
photograph by Kathryn Wai Kuen Yip-Ross


"Identity Dissonance in China"
October, 2013

Peteris Ciemitis was invited to represent Australia in Shanghai/Changzhou International Art Festival, along with 100 International artists, who produced works during the event. Ciemitis' painting "Identity Dissonance" extended the idea of a mute self-identity, and was acquired by the Boesheng Museum of Art for it's permanent collection.

View a short background video to the Festival, and the production of
"Identity Dissonance".


Intenant Dissonance painting by Peteris Ciemitis

"Identity Dissonance" painting by Peteris Ciemitis


"Quilty" Hung at Black Swan
September, 2013

Peteris Ciemitis' painting of artist Andy Quilty was shortlisted at the Black Swan Prize. The West Australian newspaper's arts editor Stephen Bevis wrote of the piece; "perennial Black Swan Prize finalist has dug beneath the cliche of the tortured artist with his painting of fellow contender Andy Quilty. ...tipped on its side to represent imbalance and disconnection." "Their portraits illustrate a more adventurous interpretation of portraiture..."

Quilty painting by Peteris Ciemitis

"Quilty" painting by Peteris Ciemitis


"Alitura" Exhibition Heathcote Gallery
July, 2013

Jillian Ciemitis was one of four Western Australian artists to collectively present a body of work exploring the tension between the concepts of nature vs nurture in a group exhibition 'Alitura'. Held at the Heathcote Museum and Gallery throughout July. The exhibition also included artists Debbie Oakley, Miriam Gardiner and Delrene Hemingway.

Artists Alitura Exhibition Heathcote Gallery Perth Miriam Gardiner Del Hemingway Debbie Oakley Jillian Ciemitis

Artists: Miriam Gardiner, Del Hemingway, Debbie Oakley and Jillian Ciemitis


"A New Equation"
July - September, 2013

In 2013, artist Maris Raudzins coordinated  a travelling exhibition to tour the Talsi Museum of Art and Madona Museum of Art  in Latvia, with  “Jaunas Vienadojums” (“New Equation”).  The exhibition comprised fifty works by  nine Latvian-Australian artists,  featuring Peteris Ciemitis, Janis Nedela, Maris Raudzins and Len Zuks. Some of the works explore modern state of life both conceptually and emotionally, while others convey images of an alien landscape.

View a short background video to the exhibition Here

Peteris Ciemitis was invited to speak about the exhibition on Radio National Latvia. Listen to the interview Here

Latvian Choral Choir at Talsi exhibition oening New EquationLatvian National Radio Interview  Peteris Ciemitis

Left: choral performance at the opening of “New Equation” at the Talsi Museum of Art
Right: Peteris Ciemitis interviewed by Ingvilda Strautmane on Latvjas Radio 1 “Kulturas Rondo”


"In the Collection of the National Museum of Art"
July, 2013

A major exhibition open at Latvijas Nacionālā mākslas muzeja izstāžu zālē “Arsenāls” (the Latvian National Museum of Art) which remembers the journey and new lives of Latvian's dispora peoples. The exhibition,“Latviešu māksla trimdā” presented audiences with works by approximately 100 artists, now residing around the world. The exhibition included five Latvian-Australian artists including Imants Tillers, Janis Nedela and Peteris Ciemitis. Notably, at the time of the exhibition, the National Museum had also acquired Ciemitis' painting "Pasa Galva" for its permanent collection.

Arsenals Latvian National Museum of Art Latviesu Maksla Trimda exhibition artists talk

Peteris Ciemitis co-presenting in a panel discussion at the National Museum of Art “Arsenāls”, during the “Latviešu māksla trimdā” exhibition.


"Out of the Shadows"
April, 2013

"Penumbra" (the in-between space between shado and light) became the core theme for artists Peteris Ciemitis, Maris Raudzins, Maija Medinis, Gabriele Mazalevskis and Len Zuks at a joint exhibition at Heathcote Museum and Gallery in April. Curated by Olimpia Cullity, the exhibition dealt with the idea of cultural and spatial displacement in contemporary society. A keynote of the event was also an artist talk by Peteris Ciemitis on “Creativity in Confined Spaces”.

we are not drawn to a new era painting by Peteris Ciemitis.

Arbus referenced in the palindromic “are we not drawn onward to a new era?”;  by Peteris Ciemitis, exhibited in “Penumbra”


"In the Halls of Power"
December, 2012

Parliament House, Canberra, became the scene of an exhibition curated by Portrait Artists Australia, celebrating Australian innovators and achievers. Coinciding with the publication of "The Artists Book - Portrait Artists Australia - Ten Years", the exhibition surveyed portraiture by leading artists across Australia, and included Peteris Ciemitis' painting "OEHLERS", depicting jazz innovator, Jamie Oehlers.

Oehlers painting by Peteris Ciemitis at Parliament House Canberra

Peteris Ciemitis' "OEHLERS" being viewed at the PAA Exhibition,
Parliament House, Canberra


"Taking Stock of the New"
October, 2012

Peter Ciemtis was one of a handful of contemporary artists invited to be represented in the Joondalup Contemporary Art Prize in October 2012. The Joondalup Prize is one of Western Australia's contemporary art surveys, each year providing a benchmark for new practice in the State. Ciemtis produced a new work for the exhibition, "Discontent in the Age of Anxiety", which enaminated from his "Age of Anxiety" series produced over 2012 - 2013.

age of anxiety painting by peteris ciemitis

"Discontent in the Age of Anxiety" by Peteris Ciemitis


"WA Print Media Awards 2012"
September, 2012

Jillian Ciemitis received the Western Australian Print Makers Association Excellence Award for her hand printed screen print "Exterieur Interieur". The work was the outcome of her 2011 photographic exploration of the Louvre, Paris and was regarded as a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional themes and forms.

Winner WA Print Media Awards 2012 Jillian Ciemitis Exterieur Interieur print

Jillian Ciemitis receives award from City of Swan Mayor Charlie Zannino


"Artist Residency"
August, 2012

Throughout August and September, Jillian Ciemitis was Artist in Residence at Edith Cowan University Printmaking Studio in Perth, Western Australia. Throughout the six week residency, Jillian conceived and produced Biophilia Hypothesis; a series of photographic screen prints which transmogrify branch patterning so that the resulting images become meditations on neural pathways and plasticity


artist residency

Jillian Ciemitis producing ‘Biophilia Hypothesis’ at a residency at Edith Cowan University


"Portrait of a Man As If He Were Air"
September, 2011

During his successful 2010 climb of Mount Everest, mountaineer and scientist, Patrick Hollingworth provided daily updates to his website with great honesty and candour. His willingness during the climb to openly discuss his previous experiences with depression, and the subsequent raising of awareness for men’s health issues, contributed to Patrick’s expedition being widely followed.

One year later, Patrick once again entered the unfamiliar terrain of public attention when his painted likeness; “Portrait of a Man As If He Were Air” by Peteris Ciemitis was announced a finalist in the prestigious Black Swan Portrait Prize.

In the painting, there are obvious expressions of self doubt, resolve and strength. But the image also is layered with ideas of the mountain, of death on the mountain, of ice, of life and biology, of lines of thought and intellect. Mostly it is about  conditions; the constant flux of the environment, the light, cold and fury within which one becomes subsumed as if one were part of it ... as if one were just air.”

The Black Swan Prize
Event Date/s: 16th September – 26th September
Event time/s: 10:00 – 16:00hrs  except Tuesday 20th  September 13:00– 17:00hrs
Location:  Perth Town Hall, Perth,  Australia

Patrick Hollingworth Portrait by Peteris Ciemitis

Mountaineer Patrick Hollingworth,
with the painting
“Portrait of a Man As If He Were Air”


"Survey of Europe"
July, 2011

Throughout July, Peteris and Jillian toured Paris, London, Helsinki, Talin and Riga to survey contemporary arts praxis in Europe, which laid the groundwork for several new works.  In particular, a key body of work that emerged was Jillian’s printmaking series referencing windows, openings and transitions in Paris.

a survey in europe1

At Tate Modern/Photographic Survey in Talin, Estonia


"thinking print" at moores
June, 2011

A print survey by Edith Cowan University at Moores Gallery in Fremantle has challenged questions of what print making might be through investigations across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional approaches. Works including those by Jillian Ciemitis, formed part of a special feature of the exhibition;-  the “Global Echo” project. ‘Global Echo’ will concurrently exhibit a collected survey of selected printmakers in International venues including New York, Karachi, Sheffield, Lancashire and Utah.

Jillian Ciemitis Thinking Print Exhibition Moores Gallery Fremantle 2011


"making sense of place"
the national portrait gallery

March, 2011

A portrait of the late Professor George Seddon (entitled “Making Sense of Place #4”) by Perth based artist Peteris Ciemitis has been accepted as a gift to the National Portrait Gallery by its owner, his widow Marli Wallace ... who said Seddon would have been very pleased and quietly proud of the gift. “It will ensure it is on display for all to see. I have been privileged to mind it for a while.”

(excerpt from Artist’s Chronicle, Issue 136 Jan/Feb 2011)

Professor George Seddon Portrait by Peteris Ciemitis National Portrait Gallery Canberra


December 26, 2010

An eclectic exhibition of portraiture was held at St Kilda's Brightspace Gallery, featuring a diverse range of artists from around Australia, including the work of both Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis.

'AL53KD' continues at Brightspace Gallery until December 30, 2010.
Gallery hours: Wednesday - Friday 11am-4pm
Location: Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin Street, St Kilda, Victoria 3182 Australia

AL53KD Exhibition St Kilda 2010


'disquiet' opens at gadfly gallery
October 22, 2010

Executive Director of Artrinsic Inc, Tina Wilson, has opened a new solo exhibition by Peteris Ciemitis, ‘Disquiet’, to a packed gallery at Gadfly in Perth.  Paired with a concurrent exhibition (‘Menagerie’ by Esther Erlich), the exhibition ‘Disquiet ‘ presents samplings of work by Peteris Ciemitis’ over the past 18 months. The images in the exhibition circle around ephemerality, tension, transience and resolution.

Peteris Ciemitis will present  a 1 hour artist talk at Gadfly Gallery at 6pm on November 4, 2010.
RSVP is essential (

‘Disquiet’ continues at Gadfly Gallery until November 7, 2010.
Gallery hours:  Wednesday- Friday 11am-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 2-5pm
Location: Gadfly Gallery, 131B Waratah Ave, Dalkeith, WA Australia

Disquiet Exhibition Gadfly Gallery Peteris Ciemitis


black swan prize
September 23, 2010

Peteris Ciemitis has received the Black Swan Prize for his portrait of Australian performer, festival director and arts advocate Robyn Archer. Judges comprised Artrinsic Board Member, Carl Altmann; former Chair of the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA), Helen Cook and Director of the AGWA, Stefano Carboni, who remarked: "The colours are subtle while the finer details are suggestive of the underlying structure of the sitter's features. In addition there is that delightful essential which is the assured ability to draw. It was Michelangelo who maintained that before one could paint, one must be able to draw, which means that the artist has to be skilled in observation and engagement with the sitter. The painting invites the viewer to come in close as though to examine the landscape of the face."

The 2010 Black Swan Prize drew extensive National entries, and hung 42 finalists relfecting work by leading artists from each State. In recognition of its rapid ascent, the Prize was also the subject of a documentary production.

View an excerpt from the documentary here:

Black Swan Prize Documentary Peteris Ciemitis

Filming in progress for the Black Swan Prize documentary


exhibition "erot-ic"
June 30 - July 20, 2010

Leading Sydney Gallery, Gallery@28, opens a themed group exhibition of erotic images on June 30, 2010, featuring Peteris Ciemitis amongst its selection of invited artists.

28 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW
Opening: June 30, 2010 - 6pm

Erotic Exhibition Gallery@28 Sydney Peteris Ciemitis


ALMA exhibition
April 23 - May 23, 2010

The Australian Latvian Artists Association (ALMA) Exhibition at Latvia House has represented the culmination of the 50th Australian Lativian Theatrical Festival in Sydney for 2010. ALMA invited 14 artists from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, who responded with 19 works. Post exhibition reviews have particularly noted the participation of Peteris Ciemitis, Eve Deksni and Lara Doolett (see

Latvia House
32 Parnell St, Strathfield, NSW


exhibition "inconjunction"
May 8 - 16, 2010

A 2010 survey of printmedia in Western Australia has featured pieces by Jillian Ciemitis. The 'by-invitation' exhibition, curated by Shelley Cowper and Krissie Dawson comprised outstanding works by 28 printmedia students and staff of (inter alia) the Universities of Edith Cowan (ECU), Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin.

Moores Contemporary Art Gallery
46 Henry Street, Fremantle, WA

Gallery hours: 10.00am to 5.00pm daily

printmedia exhibition moores gallery fremantle may 2010


exhibition "es + id"
March 16 - 26, 2010

Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis have brought a collection of works described by the Sydney Star Observer as "extraordinary and personal portraits" to the Depot II Gallery in Waterloo, Sydney. The exhibition, "Es" ("self" in Latvian) and "Id" (primitive subconscious) aimed to stir ideas of unsettled emotional undercurrents. The exhibition was opened by Nick Vickers (Director of the Alumni Gallery, University of Sydney) opened to a gathered audience of over a hundred attendees.

DEPOT II GALLERY, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11am to 6pm, Sunday: 10.30am to 3.30pm

es + id Jillian and Peteris Ciemitis Exhibition Dank Street Gallery  Waterloo Sydney


Artist in Residence - Blues Club Madi Gras
February 27, 2010

Invited again by the Perth Blues Club to be Artist in Residence for their annual New Orleans style Mardis Gras, Peteris Ciemitis has produced a 'sketchbook' of images from the event. Drawn plein air of live, vibrant performances, the images represent a an evolving body of work recording the evolution of Perth's pre-eminent blues festival.

Mardi Gras Artist in Residence Peteris Ciemitis

Lucky Oceans from the Mardi Gras Sketchbook


exhibition "displacement and belonging"
December 5, 2009

The exhibition, "Displacement and Belonging" opened by Diana Warnock on December 5, features work by Peteris Ciemitis, Lidija Dombrovska-Larsen, Selga Esots, Indra Geidans, Maija Kins, Gabrielle Mazalevskis, Maris Raudzins, Lolita Skye-Lark, Arvids Sodums and Len Zuks. "Critically acclaimed for his luminous portraits, (Ciemitis) also showed landscapes on paper" (Lyn DeCiero, Artists Chronicle, Issue No 130)

Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, 46 Henry Street, Fremantle

December 5 to December 18, 2009. Daily: 10am to 5pm

Displacement and Belonging Lativian Exhibition Moores Gallery Fremantle 2009 photo by Jillian Ciemitis


edith cowan university exhibition
November 6, 2009

Max Pam opened the graduate exhibition at Spectrum Project Space, Highgate on November 6, 2009. Covering a range of contemporary photomedia, the exhibition featured recent works by Jillian Ciemitis.

Spectrum Project Space, 221 Beaufort St, Highgate, WA


global lativan art exhibition in riga
August 6, 2009

The recently assembled collection of global Latvian diaspora art opens on August 6 at the Peter church in Riga.

Since September 2006, the Global Society for Latvian Art has collaborated with the Valmiera regional museum (Valmieras novadpētniecības muzejs) in organizing a large traveling exhibition of Latvian diaspora artworks. Since the 2008 opening, the show has been traveling to a number of regional museums throughout Latvia, including Gulbene, Valka, Limbazi, Madona and others.

Ciemitis’ work “Pasa Galva” features in the exhibition, which continues until September 2009.  Read more

Riga Lativia Peter Church
Peter Church, Skarnu Iela 19, Riga, Latvia


bunbury biennale
July 25, 2009

The Bunbury Biennale was opened by the Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia Dr Stefano Carboni on July 25, 2009.

This exhibition is the ninth in the Biennale series so far, and includes significant works by Jo Darbyshire, Galliano Fardin, Olga Cironis, Janis Nedela, Alex Spremberg, Tony Windberg and Peteris Ciemitis.

The exhibition continues until 13 September, 2009.

Paralax Bunbury Bienale by Peteris Ciemitis
Detail from “parallax” Peteris Ciemitis, 2009, Bunbury Biennale


Grabowsky article
May 29, 2009

Following a year-long tour of Victoria and New South Wales as a part of the Archibald 2008 exhibition, Peteris Ciemitis’ painting “GRABOWSKY” has arrived in Western Australia, to take up residence at the Ellington Jazz Club.

On hand to receive the painting into its new home was the work’s subject, Paul Grabowsky (coincidentally touring in Perth at the time), and Ellington owner, Graham Wood.

The painting is on loan to the Ellington, and can be seen at the club for at least the following year.

Ellington Jazz Club, 191 Beaufort Street, Perth, Australia

Graham Wood (left) and Paul Grabowsky, with “GRABOWSKY” at the Ellington


exhibition at kurb
May 3, 2009

Work by Peteris and Jillian Ciemitis will feature in an exhibition opening at Kurb Gallery, on May 3. The “Fair Trade Art Exhibition” supports Oxfam projects in the Solomon Islands, and will run until May 7.

Kurb Gallery, 310 William St, Northbridge, Perth, Australia
Gallery hours Mon-Thu 12-5pm.

exhibition at kurb


rapids landing prize
April 19, 2009

Peteris Ciemitis has received the Black Swan/Rapids Landing Prize for Portraiture, presented at the Margaret River Wine Festival at Leeuwin, Western Australia. The winning painting presented an intensely introspective examination of internationally renowned bluesman, Dave Hole (see “Dave Hole #2” in gallery images), and was selected from an invited field of 30 artists.

Black Swan Prize
Black Swan Director Tina Wilson announces the Black Swan Prize at the Leeuwin
Estate Festival


Vincent Photographic Awards
March 30, 2009

Jillian Ciemitis has received third prize in the open category of the Vincent Photographic Awards. The work “Messenger of the Deep” presented a poetic, ballet-like interpretation of a waterpolo match at the historic Beatty Park Aquatic Centre.

Vincent Photographic Prize
Jillian Ciemitis receives award from Vincent Mayor Nick Catania


Solo Exhibition "Tide" Ellis House
January 22, 2009

Jillian Ciemitis’ first solo exhibition broke attendance records for the Ellis House Gallery in Bayswater, Western Australia, opening to a crowd of over 130 people, attracting strong attendances for the full duration of the exhibition.  Cited as “being reminiscent of a contemporary Decarava” (Andrei Buters, Perth Voice, 24/01/09), the work attracted extensive acclaim and interest.

The exhibition presented contemplative black and white narratives of artist Kevin McCabe and model Vicky Chisari, counterpointed with reflective images of Jazz saxophonist Troy Roberts and blues musician Matt Taylor.

"Tide" Solo Exhibition at Ellis House
Jillian Ciemitis at "Tide"


latvian artists title
December 27, 2008

A comprehensive 256 page book surveying Latvian artists in Australia, was launched on December 27, 2008 by the former President of Latvia, Dr Vaira Vīķe-Freiberg, at Customs House in Sydney, Australia. 

“This is a comprehensive collection of works by Latvian artists in Australia. It lists 103 artists who are either post-war immigrants or descendants of immigrants, and includes biographies and first-person statements.

The text is in English and Latvian and has essays on Latvian culture in Australia. The artists' statements and the stories of cultural resettlement alongside the images add an illuminating dimension.

The most well-known artist here is Imants Tillers but works by Uldis Abolins, Peteris Ciemitis, Lidija Dombrovska-Larsen and Peter Dombrovskis also impress
.”   Marc McEvoy, Brisbane Times, January 20, 2009

The book launch was accompanied by an invited exhibition of work (“AL52KD”) by many of the artists surveyed in the publication. The exhibition, curated by Andra Krumins, featured work by Peteris Ciemitis, Harijs Piekalns, Janis Nedela and Imants Tillers.

Alma Book LaunchAlma Assembled Artists

  1. Left to right: Dagnija Greste, Dr Vaira Vike-Freiberg, Imants Tillers, Isodore Tillers, Peteris Ciemitis (photograph courtesy Vija Spogis-Erdmanis)
  2. Assembled Artists at ALMA Book Launch, Customs House Sydney